COVID and Shingles immunisation

We continue to offer Covid immunisation . Thankfully almost everyone has had two doses in the region .. well done!

A third dose is now ( January 2022) recommended for everyone 4 months after your second dose. This will be a pfizer or moderna dose even if you had AZ the first two. If you are immunocompromised ATAGI recommend having your third dose any time after two months ..and a fourth dose 3 months after that .

Shingrix is an effective immunisation against shingles, newly available in Australia ( though used for quite a while in the USA) and is recommended for anyone over 50 years. It is not funded my medicare so is a private prescription and requires two doses. Talk to your doctor if you are interested .

If you are over 70, Zostavax also for shingles reduction is still available for free however is not as effective vaccine and can not be given to immunosuppressed people.