Doctors and nurse practitioners who work at PMC  charge private fees at the time of the consultation. Different doctors have different appointment times and different fees. Long consultations involve larger fees.  Most consultations will attract a medicare rebate , however we do not in general “bulk bill” , as this is an insufficient amount for quality practice.  

Ask our reception staff how to have any available medicare benefit  deposited directly to your bank account.

Health Care Card holders and pensioners may be charged a discount fee at the discretion of the doctor. 

If your family have had a lot of out of pocket medical expenses in a year you may receive a greater rebate under the “medicare safety net” . You must register all dependents for this to apply. 

For procedures there is  a fee payable to the doctor which usually  attracts a benefit from medicare and a procedure room fee payable to the clinic. Procedures cannot be ” bulkbilled”. 

Veteran Affairs patients are usually billed to Department of Veterans’ Affairs

As a practice we are disappointed the medicare rebate has not been indexed appropriately for many years. To provide a high quality practice , employ our staff and maintain our facilities we must charge adequate  fees. The federal government is responsible for the level of medicare rebate you receive. 



  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Dr Morton N/A 1000-1630 1000-1630 1000-1630 1000-1230 N/A
Dr Watterson 0930-1645 0930-1645 0930-1645 N/A 0930-1645 N/A
Jodie Cameron (NP)  0915-1500  0915-1500  N/A N/A N/A N/A
Dr  Lancashire N/A 0900 -1645 N/A 0900 -1645 0900 -1645 N/A

Dr  Cheah

0900 -1630 0900 -1630 N/A 0900 -1630 0900 -1630 N/A

Dr  Pelpola

0900 -1615 0900 -1615 0900 -1615 0900 -1615 N/A



Out of hours

please ring 6495 6688 to be put through to a doctor on call for advice.

Alternatively call Health Direct,  Ph: 1800 022 222, for  free phone advice from a registered nurse
24 hours a day, seven days a week.