(from July 2018, subject to change )

Standard Consultation (item 23) $71 (Medicare Rebate $37.60)

Health Care Card holders and pensioners may be charged a discount fee at the discretion of the doctor.

Veteran Affairs patients billed to Department of Veterans’ Affairs

Pre-Anaesthetic Consultation : Depends on length and complexity of consultation

Each doctor is entitled to alter their fee at the time of the consultation, long consultations attract larger fees and larger medicare rebates.

This practice does not routinely bulkbill. Ask our reception staff how to have your medicare refund deposited directly to your bank account.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Dr Morton N/A 1000-1630 1000-1630 1000-1630 1000-1630 N/A
Dr Watterson 0930-1645 0930-1645 0930-1645 N/A 0930-1645 N/A
Dr Boyd 0900-1645 0900-1645 N/A 0900-1645 N/A N/A
Dr Wong N/A N/A 0900-1645 N/A 0900-1645 0900 – 1300 (alt)
Dr Tsai 0900-1645 0900-1645 0900-1645 N/A N/A N/A


Out of hours please ring 6495 6688 to be put through to a doctor on call for advice.